Confidence is the prettiest makeup a girl can wear



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Set in professional studios in midtown and lower Manhattan, New York City.
Taught by professional New York City hair and make-up stylists, producers and photographers.
My daughter’s time at BeautyCamp NYC was inspirational and I loved seeing her beam, proud of what she had accomplished. Each day, I would hear something about the art and science of make-up application or hair styling - I just wish I could have been there too!
The atmosphere and set-up at BeautyCamp NYC was perfect - friendly and professional and obviously designed with a lot of thought and care. You and your team have done a wonderful job!
— Victoria A.

There is a right way and a not-so right way and girls know it. That's what they said and that is why they came to BeautyCamp NYC. This one week Beauty IQ program is taught to teens by industry-trained professionals to provide fundamentals with expert guidance that fosters students to develop their own personal BeautySmarts.  Our BeautySmarts philosophy celebrates the 'who' each young woman is becoming. Spend a week in a studio with our Beauty Mentors (a Make Up Artist, a Hair Artist and a Wardrobe Stylist) and celebrate on the final day with a portrait photo shoot by our Fashion Photographer.  

Not a teen anymore and would like to be in the know?  Tell us, we have condensed sessions designed for you.  

Knowledge is power!

Standing up straight is beautiful.

Looking someone in the eye is beautiful.

Confidence is beautiful.